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WednesdayAug 23rd 2017
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SundayAug 27th 2017

Summer Knights

Summer activities are here, and we want you to feel like royalty.

Come out to the pool deck every weekend for ‘Friday Night Knights,’ a fun evening of family entertainment that includes the chance for your little one to be knighted!

According to the Knights, the show offers a realistic reenactment of full-contact, un-choreographed battles inspired by historical deeds of arms. The combat performed by Sir Gavin and Dame Marion is a safe, but real representation of medieval fighting for the entertainment of (royal) hotel patrons.

There will be three separate rounds between 4 and 5 p.m. In between matches, Sir Gavin and Dame Marion are available for photos and questions. They will also be honored to knight younger audiences, who pledge to be “chivalrous, kind, brave and honest.”

The armor is real, the swords are real, the fighting is real … the fun is real.

It’s sure to be a ‘Knight’ to remember, now through Labor Day.