Fill Your Belly at Dog House Deli

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Dog House Deli Pensacola Beach FL

Coney Island, Chicago Style or Kielbasa? These are just three of many difficult choices you’ll face when grabbing a bite at The Dog House Deli on Pensacola Beach. This iconic establishment has been serving the best franks in Pensacola since 1977.

Today it’s owned by a young, charismatic, camera carrying, surfer dude named Nathan Hollar. Nathan is an active guy who supports all kinds of community groups and events ranging from t-ball to the local Pirate Paddler Club. Nobody is more suited to run this iconic establishment then Nathan. The deli was founded by his father ‘Jimmy Dawg’ so he grew up with ‘dawgs’ in his blood.

Jimmy’s goal was to serve fast, cheap good food in a funky environment. The Dog House Deli has done exactly this for three decades. It’s a fun, casual place that doesn’t feel like a fast food outlet or a tourist trap. Great food, good prices and island charm made it an undisputed favorite among beach locals.

The Dog House Deli, of course, best known for their franks. There are over a dozen kinds of juicy signature creations served up on perfectly steamed buns. Looking for a custom experience? You’re in luck. They offer a crazy good choice of toppings sure to please both fussy eaters and adventurous foodies.

We recommend the deli’s most popular frank – the Chicago Style Dog. It’s topped with sweet relish, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, sport peppers, dill wedge, mustard and celery seed. Or you could ask Nathan for his suggestion. He says, “I crave hot dogs every day and like to change it up in terms of toppings. One of my favorite creations is the Island Dragon. It’s topped it with mayonnaise, sriracha, onions, cucumbers and tomatoes. It is spicy and smooth and so yum.”

The deli also serves great sandwiches, chili and nachos and is a popular local breakfast hangout. Their early bird menu offers Southern comfort food like Bayou Grits and Sweet Potato Pancakes as well as beach classics like the Frisco Breakfast Sandwich and Royal Egg Muffin. Don’t leave without trying the Banana Pudding. Locals walk miles in sandy flip flops to get a taste of this.

The Dog House Deli is located close to Paradise Bar & Grill in an inconspicuous colorful street mall just a quick stroll from Casino Beach. In addition to having great food, it is one of the most economical local eateries. So we highly recommend you slip on your flip-flops and wander on down to fill your belly.

The Dog House Deli is located at 35 Via De Luna Dr, Pensacola Beach, FL. For more information, visit the Dog House Deli website or call (850) 916-4993.